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A Greek Odyssey

 In 2007 I took a trip to Greece. It had been a number of years since I’d visited and I was glad to go back. I think the Greek islands are the most magical place on earth. Prove me wrong. Show me a place on earth that is more magical than Santorini. Go ahead. I’ll go toe-to-toe with anyone who can show me a better place.   Our trip took us through Athens for a few nights, then off to Mykonos, then Santorini. As I mention above, there’s a reason why Santorini is such a popular place. It is insanely beautiful. A fun fact about me: I had never been to a stadium rock show prior to a couple...

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Hydra Calling

Hydra Calling This article appeared in Travel &B Leisure from 2007 was written by  Gregory A. Maniatis. It got us to travel there. He had us at Marlboro Lights. Her radiant eyes retreated behind a fearsome squint, her lips were swallowed by a frown. This was not the look of joy I was expecting from my fiancée. I'd pulled a hundred strings to secure a room at Elounda Beach, the famed resort that draws rock stars and Arab potentates to its primly manicured bay on Crete. But now she brooded on the Versace-clad bed while I smoked Marlboro Lights, two at a time, on the terrace. Waving her hand dismissively at our private pool, she finally said: "I want to...

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From The Archives: 7x7's Article About The Custom Process

Leather Goods Artisan Basil Racuk Makes Bespoke Magic By Chloé Hennen   Jan 30, 2015 Born of Argentinean musicians and raised in a “funky household,” Mission-based leather goods designer and burner Basil Racuk is intent upon “the idea of embodying your life.” He shares this principle with his clients by engaging them in his bespoke process, where bags and accessories are custom-crafted through the well-honed art of conversation, the openness of creative minds, and the dexterity of Racuk’s two hands. It was my privilege to collaborate with the craftsman on a bag that does more than function perfectly in my daily life—it speaks of where I’ve come from, and where I’m going next. For my “Chloé” bag, we selected a soft saddle...

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