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What Sustainability Means To Me. And Why I Hate The Word.

Dining Room I had the noblest of intentions when I started my career in design.  I was sitting at my dining room table in Coconut Grove. Coacoochee Street, across from a nice park. It was around 8 at night and Danny had just stopped by to drop off a home sewing machine for me to use. He'd decided that I should make clothes, being that I was such an avid thrifter who'd spent my entire teen life patiently going through the racks at thrift stores, hangers clicking as they hit each other (the sound is still filled with excitement and anticipation when I find the time to hit a thrift). I sat myself behind the machine and got to it....

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Why I Still Go To Burning Man

When I moved back to San Francisco in 2001 I had a couple of very clear ideas. One was to get a motorbike. The other was to go to Burning Man, a desert event that I'd heard about for a number of years but had not given much consideration. That year I went with a colleague from work. We pitched our small carport tent and set up a few Blenko glass pieces that I'd bought from a thrift shop on the way out. It was 2001, and colored glass was all the rage. I felt like I was gussying up the place. As soon as we set up our pup tents, a gust blew through and lifted the carport into...

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