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From The Archives: 7x7's Article About The Custom Process

Leather Goods Artisan Basil Racuk Makes Bespoke Magic By Chloé Hennen   Jan 30, 2015 Born of Argentinean musicians and raised in a “funky household,” Mission-based leather goods designer and burner Basil Racuk is intent upon “the idea of embodying your life.” He shares this principle with his clients by engaging them in his bespoke process, where bags and accessories are custom-crafted through the well-honed art of conversation, the openness of creative minds, and the dexterity of Racuk’s two hands. It was my privilege to collaborate with the craftsman on a bag that does more than function perfectly in my daily life—it speaks of where I’ve come from, and where I’m going next. For my “Chloé” bag, we selected a soft saddle...

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An Homage To Mom

Go make yourself a cup of tea and settle in. I've spent the past months working on this entry about Mom. Originally slated as a Mother's Day blog when we are now facing down Labor Day, I've decided that now's as good a time as any. So here we go! Every couple of years I pack up my guy and head down to Argentina, where my family is from and where everyone (except me and my two siblings and a few cousins) still live. Argentina is a complicated place. Back in the 1920's the French coined the term "riche comme un argentin". And it was a wealthy place up until the 1950's. Without getting too bogged down in the politics of the country,...

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The Art of Craft

I'll start with a negative: I don't like craft. Let me explain. The word "craft" shrinks the process for me. It feels more like a hobby, or art therapy. What I'm trying to do when I make is get to the essence of the design. Reduce things to the essential. Of course the act of crafting the piece is as important as developing the design. Of course the construction is important. Of course the piece must be thoughtfully built. The 80's punk kid in me feels like a navel-gazing dilettante as I write this. I'm thinking too much. But truthfully, good design is around forever. The finish is just as important as the design. Balance. That's what it's all about,...

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