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In Practice: Miles Eastman

Miles Eastman has been creating art for many years. This California native son has dug into his life experiences to create beautiful work by finding the balance between a freeform, loose technique and the rigor developed from many years of practice.  Miles Eastman will be showing his new work at Basil Racuk shop on December 13th from 6-9. We are located at 3458a 18th Street in San Francisco. For more information, send me an email or call the shop  (415) 255-7457. We hope to see you there! So let's dig in as Miles talks about his work, inspiration and the alchemy of his materials.   Start with one of your main influences, the Italian artist Marco Zeno. You've shown me his work that you've...

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What I Did This Summer

I went camping! Well, I went to Burning Man. And I slept in a tent. And I had the time of my life. I've been going to this event since 2001, when I moved to California. My point of view at the time was that I hadn't done it before, I'd heard of it, and I wanted to check it out. I did. And I found it transformative. All these years later, it is still an exciting week for me. Over the years I've mellowed, so the way that I experience the event has changed. Staying up til way past dawn isn't something that I can do anymore. But I do pedal around in the desert well past midnight, marveling...

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