Basil at Burning Man

BASIL RACUK has two principles: great design and a steady craft hand. We make great product that you will be proud to use. We only use the best skins and materials, sourced from US companies as much as possible. When you buy something from us, the hope is that you are creating a bond with us and our philosophy about design and craft. We want to hear from you. We want to know if the piece is working right.

From Basil:

I started my company in 2007 after having an unexpected experience in Greece. I spent a day lost on an island, separated from civilization and reunited with myself. People pay lots of money for this type of Vision Quest- mine from a miscalculation of time. While I was out there I realized that my life had become a series of zeros and ones. I’d lost myself in the matrix. I thought about why I got into design and how much I enjoyed crafting. And it was then and there that I decided start crafting again. At the time I was interested in the intersection of design and craft: when product is highly functional, timeless in design, and thoughtfully handmade. As I began to build pieces a collection came into focus. Pared-down design, sublimated hardware. Using beautiful skins was a given. Ten years later, the original collection remains. I’ve added a collection of totes as well. The Paper Bag has become a popular style for toting around town, or to the beach. It’s friend the Zip Top Tote is a great multi-purpose bag that is great for computer carry, or can also be used as a tote. These styles along with a variety of keepalls and foldover are available in a range of skins, from casual suede to rugged buffalo. Shiny metallics and fur show up as fun options.

I am able to create custom styles as well. From travel bags to day totes, pouches to weekenders, I hope to service whatever your portage needs are.


All my pieces are made and sold at my shop in San Francisco's Chinatown district.

 I also do collaborations with corporate  friends such as Instagram and Banana Republic. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss a collaboration.

Thank you for visiting.