When I started the Basil Racuk brand in 2007, I did it for a very personal reason: I was starved for craft. At the time I was working a designer at a big company, parked at a desk most of the time. When I wasn’t at my desk I traveled around the world, often going from airport to factory to hotel, an industrial colonist. On a trip to Hong Kong I took a cab ride into town and heard the story of my driver, who worked twelve hour days behind the wheel in order to send money back to his family. He got to see them once a year. After a series of encounters such as that one, I realized that at the very least I needed to start making something with my hands. I stayed at my job for many years, making bags when I got home at night.






A Girl Like That is my women's clothing brand. Each piece is designed and made for women who want comfort and cool in equal dosage. I source  small batches of materials, with the idea that scarcity is the ultimate luxury. I make each piece at my atelier located in San Francisco’s charming Chinatown district.