Zip Top Tote cobalt suede

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I designed this tote as a multi-purpose that will take you from office to weekend. What I heard the most from my customers is the need for a zipper for security and a size that a computer will fit in. The difference here is that the size isn't huge. It's big enough for your computer and documents, but not so big that you run the risk of over-filling it, resulting in a not-so-elegant silhouette. 

The zipper opens up all the way, making it possible for you to also use the bag over the weekend when you go to a class, or the market. Interior Riri zipper pocket for easy key and phone stow.

This is made in a saturated cobalt blue chap split cow. Over time the skin will get darker but will maintain its integrity for years. *Note: this color may transfer onto lighter colors so be mindful!

Dimensions 12 height, 14 width, 4 1/2 depth, 10 12 strap drop