Pocket Wallet Celadon

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My new wallet shape. I spent time thinking about what a wallet is for- and what it is not for. 

What it is for: cards that you need every day. Money. Maybe some receipts (but you have to empty them out when you get home).

What it is NOT for: Cards that you don't need every day (hello, Social Security). Business cards (those should be kept on their own, safe from getting dog eared). Change (ditto).

This wallet has a foldover styling, resembling the pocket on a shirt. There is an exterior card storage. On the inside there are two more storage slots, as well as a large area where you can store your folded bills. A brass pin closes the flap up.

Celadon glove tan leather with saddle details.

Dimensions 4 1/2" x 3 1/2"