Paper Bag wrinkle saddle

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The Paper Bag Tote in a sculptural leather. This piece is made in saddle leather that I have sculpted with a water treatment to create a very unique appearance. This piece will soften and darken with age, loosening up over time but maintaining wrinkled look.

This bag is the answer to your everyday casual tote search. The perfect blend of tote utility with the beauty of a tall slender shape. The bag is an awesome color pop. As my customers often say: “perfect for two bottles of wine”.

This piece is made in saddle leather that I have wet and twisted to create the sculpted appearance. This piece will darken with age.

Inside pocket for phone and key storage, saddle handles (US, Drop: 9″) and veg tan reinforcement at base.

Dimensions 6 1/2″ width, 14″ height, 5 1/2″ depth