British Khaki Laptop Case

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I'm shocked- SHOCKED- that I haven't added this to my collection before now. 

I've been using my Computer Case for years now. If I hadn't given mine to a friend while visiting Buenos Aires earlier this year, I wouldn't have had cause to make a replacement for myself.

So here it is- the Laptop Case. It (obviously) carries my laptop, and also my phone, keys and wallet in a zipper pocket tucked away behind a patch pocket that I use for documents. It's well designed, handsome, and the last computer case that you'll need (or until you get a different size laptop).

This is made in a british khaki color pullup skin, a tanning technique that has an unusual characteristic of color variance. Unlined.

Available in 13" & 15" sizing- or custom size to order

Dimensions on 13" : 13 x 9.75"

Dimensions of 15": 14 x 10.25