Basil Racuk Sterling + Pyrite Friendship Bracelet

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We were watching Pauline At The Beach the other night. The dreaminess of a summer at the beach has a big pull for many of us. As a kid in Miami and then in the Hamptons, I lived on my bike. From the beach to the dancefloor, running around with friends I'd met along the way. We were the closest of friends for those sunny days and warm nights, bound together in the hedonism of youth. 


This bracelet is an homage to those times. I've strung together pyrite beads on a waxed cotton cord, joined by a clasp that I had made for me by the talented Gina Rios. I wanted to balance the roughness of the pyrite with an elegant, Deco-insipired clasp. 

I offer this in short and long lengths. Made-to-order.