Soft Brief russet oil tan
Soft Brief russet oil tan
Soft Brief russet oil tan

Soft Brief russet oil tan

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 I started building bags back in 2007 with no idea of what shapes I wanted to try, let alone who my customer was.

This style is the latest iteration of the first bag that I built. Although called the Soft Brief, the bag that I started from was a Korean War era helmet bag, made in a humble nylon. The details were quite different as well. What hasn't changed is the shape. The tall and wider profile with a depth that is wide enough to carry anything that you may need maintains the sleek appearance needed as you get through your day.

This is a multi-purpose bag. In my design I try and build pieces that are useful in any number of situations. In this case this bag can be used as an everyday bag for the office, but can just as easily be a weekend traveler. On a personal note, this is my travel bag because of these reasons. As added incentive, this is a carryon piece that you can store in the overhead compartment. So basically, it's the Superman bag. 

Bag details: the zipper runs along the top of the bag and then curves down a few inches to either side. The discreet tabs placed to either zipper end allow for easier opening with your fingers. Worth mentioning that a detachable strap can be ordered for shoulder or cross-body usage, making it easier to get around town or through the airport.

A cotton canvas lined interior with another zip pocket, along with a large leather patch pocket for additional quick access to items. 

This is made in a limited quantity  oil tan skin (US), color russet. Over time the skin will get even darker, maintaining it's structure for many years. 

Dimensions 14 height, 19 1/2 width, 5 depth, 7 1/2 strap drop

*Shoulder strap option available.