One Of A Kind Paper Bag Distressed Saddle Veg Tan

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Our Paper Bag Tote is the answer to your everyday casual tote search. The perfect blend of tote utility with the beauty of a tall slender shape. The bag is a perfect minimal addition to your look. And as my customers often say: “perfect for two bottles of wine”.

One of a kind bag is made in a distressed saddle veg tan cow. I call this skin a canvas because it is clean untreated and not dyed. I've darkened this piece to bring out the natural lustre of the skin. Bold graphic brushstrokes at bottom part of bag. This skin has imperfections, part of the natural interest of this skin. This bag is firm and will stand on its own, more like a straw bag than a leather bag. Pay special attention to the image which clearly shows the character of the skin. If you'd like additional images or info about this very special piece, feel free to reach out.

Inside pocket for phone and key storage, self veg tan handles (US, Drop: 9″) and veg tan reinforcement at base.

Dimensions 6 1/2″ width, 14″ height, 5 1/2″ depth