F20 Hoody Sweatshirt Maxi Dress, black cotton fleece

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The Hoody Sweatshirt Dress returns for Fall! This style is a crowd pleaser. Part GOT, part swim team after-game. 

The fit for this style is meant to be roomy through the chest and shoulder, fitted through the waist, flaring to a wide sweep at bottom. Side pockets

Made in black all cotton heavy fleece knit

Machine wash cold, hang dry (minor shrinkage to be expected so don't put in the dryer!)




Chest, 36, Waist 28, Hip 34, Body Length CB 48, sleeve length 30 1/2


Chest, 38, Waist 30, Hip 36, Body Length CB 50, sleeve length 32


Chest, 41, Waist 31, Hip 37, Body Length CB 53, sleeve length 33