Basil Racuk Essence 1

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I'm a fan of good scents that are made from natural oils. Essence 1 is my new in-house scent, using tuberose and black pepper. I made this batch last night after trying a number of different blends. This one has a languid, sensual feel to it. 

When I smell it I'm reminded of a late night that I spent at a friend's apartment in Cihangir, a bohemian neighborhood in Istanbul. Being on the top floor of the building, looking out towards the Bosphorus, smoking what I think was weed but may have been something else? We drank raki and listened to a mix of funk and 70's Turkish rock.

With the scene set, there are notes of old church, a day old bouquet and a visit from your inscrutable aunt. Or if you want a more scent-y analogy, fig and tobacco.

The bottle is .35oz, or 10ml. Roll top, jojoba oil carrier.