FEBRUARY 13, 2013

I don't think that my place is that ah-mazing to be featured in a magazine, but Lili Diallo likes it enough to think so. And I sure like her, so I was flattered to have her showcase my place on her way cool design site

FEBRUARY 6, 2013

I've been working with the idea of Folds for a couple of years now. The attache shown in the image above is a prototype of new shapes that I've been working on, using the idea of Folds. When unfolded, there are compartments for computer and document storage. The exterior zip pocket is for quick-access storage. This style, along with others that are part of the Fold Collection, will be launched in Spring 2013.

FEBRUARY 5, 2013

The first time that we visited Big Sur for a weekend, we went on a hike along the road where the house that we stayed at is. On the other side of the ridge was this house, which we naturally trespassed without a second thought, and fell in love with. The house was split in two, with one side tipping downwards. Although entirely empty of contents, somehow I got the feeling that people had only recently left, after a long night of partying. Something about the house felt like a louche 1970's classic rock star's place. I went on to find out that the fellow who owns the house was there with his daughter when the house cracked in two. And being that the house is built on shaky ground, there was no way for the man to sell. But I expect that he and his family enjoyed themselves while they could, as the view from the window is spectacular.

FEBRUARY 5, 2013

I found this chair on Craigslist. When I visited the people who were selling, they obviously knew that it was an important piece. The woman might as well be a curator, the way that she went on about it- without having a clue what it is. I don't know what it is either. My guess is that some long-haired hippy high school kid made it in the garage of his parent's house. What is most striking about it to me is how it also is a stand-in for a recliner. But having sat in it, I would strongly suggest that a person not try- it is not a comfortable thing.

FEBRUARY 2, 2013

The Suede Paper Bag is the cornerstone of the Suede Collection. For Holiday 2013, the key color is Cobalt, or as I refer to it, Yves Klein Blue. Find it for sale here.

JULY 28, 2012

"Basil Racuk/California" video by Lina Vezzani-Katano

FEBRUARY 18, 2012

I found this buckle at the Alameda Flea Market. More recently belt buckles have become a must have fashion accessory, it has even given rise to a new form of tucking in ones shirt known simply as the "front tuck". The front tuck is just as it sounds: the front of the shirt is tucked in an attempt to show off the belt buckle. Also with a rise in technology came an explosion of graphic belt buckles. These buckles made it possible for people to more easily express them selves with graphics and slogans.


FEBRUARY 11, 2012

Is there anything that Justin Vivian Bond does not do? Singer, performer, activist, visual artist and the list goes on! "The Fall of the House of Whimsy" at Participant Inc. in Manhattan is Justin Vivian Bond's first solo exhibit. The exhibit consists of paintings, photographs and installations incorporating elements of Bond's former 2nd Avenue loft, which is about to be torn down. The opening night reception was a blast as it felt like being invited over to Justin's house for one of those legendary parties that you read about in the papers the next day. Different areas of the gallery had different areas of an apartment and it was great to see party goers interacting with the art.


FEBRUARY 2, 2012

I was introduced to Kirk Maxson a number of years ago by a mutual friend. His work slows down time for me. His pieces are lovely to look at. For me they are a visual representation of a great piece of music. The piece here was installed at a shop I kept in Berkeley when I launched the collection. Go to Eli Ridgeway and see his work yourself. And report back to me- I'd love to know your thoughts.